Friday, July 5, 2013

1307.1253 (Byungjoon Min et al.)

Network robustness of correlated multiplex networks    [PDF]

Byungjoon Min, Su Do Yi, Kyu-Min Lee, K. -I. Goh
We study the network robustness properties of multiplex networks which contain multiple types of links, focusing on the role of correlation between degrees of a node in different layers. We use generating function formalism to address various types of network robustness of multiplex networks: the ordinary and mutual connectivity under random or targeted node removals as well as the biconnectivity. We found that correlated multiplexity can affect the resilience of networks in diverse ways. Specifically, for maximally-correlated multiplex networks, all pairs of nodes in the giant component are connected by at least two independent paths and networks structure is highly robust to random failures. In contrast, anti-correlated networks are resilient against attacks on targeted nodes with high degrees but vulnerable to random failures.
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