Friday, July 26, 2013

1307.6780 (Emanuele Cozzo et al.)

Clustering Coefficients in Multiplex Networks    [PDF]

Emanuele Cozzo, Mikko Kivelä, Manlio De Domenico, Albert Solé, Alex Arenas, Sergio Gómez, Mason A. Porter, Yamir Moreno
Recent advances in the study of complex networked systems has highlighted that our interconnected world is made of networks that are coupled together through different layers that each stand for one type of interaction or system. Despite this situation, it is traditional to aggregate multiplex data into a single weighted network in order take advantage of existing tools. This is admittedly convenient, but it is also extremely problematic. In this paper, we generalize the concept of clustering coefficients for multiplex networks. We show how the layered structure of multiplex networks introduces a new degree of freedom that has a fundamental effect on transitivity. We compute our new multiplex clustering coefficients for several real multiplex networks and illustrate why generalizing monoplex concepts to multiplex networks must be done with great care.
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