Friday, June 21, 2013

1306.4788 (I. Zivic et al.)

Exact study of surface critical exponents of polymer chains grafted to
adsorbing boundary of fractal lattices embedded in three-dimensional space

I. Zivic, S. Elezovic-Hadzic, S. Milosevic
We study the adsorption problem of linear polymers, when the container of the polymer--solvent system is taken to be a member of the three dimensional Sierpinski gasket (SG) family of fractals. Members of the SG family are enumerated by an integer $b$ ($2\le b\le\infty$), and it is assumed that one side of each SG fractal is impenetrable adsorbing boundary. We calculate the critical exponents $\gamma_1, \gamma_{11}$, and $\gamma_s$ which, within the self--avoiding walk model (SAW) of polymer chain, are associated with the numbers of all possible SAWs with one, both, and no ends grafted on the adsorbing impenetrable boundary, respectively. By applying the exact renormalization group (RG) method, for $2\le b\le 4$, we have obtained specific values for these exponents, for various type of polymer conformations. We discuss their mutual relations and their relations with other critical exponents pertinent to SAWs on the SG fractals.
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