Friday, June 21, 2013

1306.4800 (Yann Apertet et al.)

Onsager formalism, internal dissipation and finite-time thermodynamics    [PDF]

Yann Apertet, Henni Ouerdane, Christophe Goupil, Philippe Lecoeur
We present an in-depth analysis of the sometimes understated role of the principle of conservation of energy in linear irreversible thermodynamics. Our case study is that of a thermoelectric generator, which is a heat engine of choice in irreversible thermodynamics, owing to the coupling between the electrical and heat fluxes. We demonstrate that the linear behavior of a heat engine at the local scale is associated with dissipations that must partake in the global energy balance. We analyze the consequences of such internal dissipations on the derivation of the efficiency at maximum power of heat engines, and we extend our analysis to the case where time reversal symmetry is broken.
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